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Freios Farj started your activities in 1978, as a air brake system rebuilder.

Working wi th the af ter market di f icul t ies in offer competitive costs and hight quality,Freios Farj strongly invested in employees qualifying, equipment modernization and products control quality.

Our metrology laboratory, tranning center alowed us check quality and confiability for transporting companies that are recognized by the high level maintenance.

The constant improvement, change the company structure that made us conqueer the certification serie ISO 9001 (BRTÜV/TÜV Cert) since 1999.

As a result, Freios Farj feels gratefull by the trustthat market demonstrate in their products.

That public recognition, that made us very proud is also renewall of the compromisse of getting better.

Our bigger porpose is assist our client in the smallest time as possible.

Freios Farj, more than 30 years of work and quality.